Chantez à l'âne, il vous fera des pêts

La petite chanteuse á grand cul.

jeudi, février 14, 2008

The sun may not shine tomorrow, so suck my dick


Misirlou Oubliez, 11:16 AM


Hello, Misirlou!
A snow mantle has covered Greece. Greece is so pretty.
Have good day, but with Snow!

David Sanntos
Blogger david santos, at 19/2/08 14:01  
επιτελους μια κυνική άποψη για τις 14 φλεβάρη
Blogger lazinio, at 27/2/08 17:29  
Ello, may friend! I am to pass to desire a good weekend
Blogger david santos, at 15/3/08 18:02  

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